SCL, together with the Hanaro Medical Foundation and DoAI, will carry out a full-fledged clinical research on artificial intelligence (AI) as a foundation technology to lead precision medical care in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

On September 12, SCL signed a business agreement with the Hanaro Medical Foundation, an affiliate of SCL Healthcare Group, to collaborate on artificial intelligence joint research with DoAI, which is leading the development of AI algorithms in the medical field.

At the agreement, Gyeongryul Lee CEO of SCL Healthcare and Gwansoo Lee, Hyeryung Kwon of Hanaro and Chul Lee, Synho Do and Yongjun Choi of DoAI.

Three institutes will research on

  • Health check-up center AI application research / business development
  • Research and business development of imaging medicine and AI application field
  • Clinical research for research and business development in pathology AI application field

Gyeongryul Lee of SCL said, “SCL Healthcare Group works closely with DoAI on the basis of experience in various clinical studies ranging from diagnostic tests, health screening clinical trial support, genetic analysis, and drug development to medical applications. Do our best to revitalize research.

DoAI authorities said, “We are aiming to introduce application and model of AI as a medical platform to get into global market.”

Additionally there was a lecture held by Synho Do(director of medical image research at Harvard Medical School) about “A secret guide to forefront of Healthcare AI”.