Hwejin Jung, Bogyu Park, Sangmun Lee, Seungwoo Hyun, Jinah Lee, Junseok Seo, Sunyoung Koo, Mina Lee


bioRxiv / 2020.05



In karyotyping, the classification of chromosomes is a tedious, complicated, and time-consuming process. It requires extremely careful analysis of chromosomes by well-trained cytogeneticists. To assist cytogeneticists in karyotyping, we introduce Proxy-ResNeXt-CBAM which is a metric learning based network using proxies with a convolutional block attention module (CBAM) designed for chromosome classification. RexNeXt-50 is used as a backbone network. To apply metric learning, the fully connected linear layer of the backbone network (ResNeXt-50) is removed and is replaced with CBAM. The similarity between embeddings, which are the outputs of the metric learning network, and proxies are measured for network training.

Proxy-ResNeXt-CBAM is validated on a public chromosome image dataset, and it achieves an accuracy of 95.86%, a precision of 95.87%, a recall of 95.9%, and an F-1 score of 95.79%. Proxy-ResNeXt-CBAM which is the metric learning network using proxies outperforms the baseline networks. In addition, the results of our embedding analysis demonstrate the effectiveness of using proxies in metric learning for optimizing deep convolutional neural networks. As the embedding analysis results show, Proxy-ResNeXt-CBAM obtains a 94.78% Recall@1 in image retrieval, and the embeddings of each chromosome are well clustered according to their similarity.