Medical AI platform company DoAI (CEO Yong-Joon Choi) remotely targets Cambodian medical personnel for an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for early diagnosis of cervical cancer that is being developed through a creative value creation program based on innovative technology hosted by KOICA. He said that video training was conducted on the 19th.

DoAI’s deep learning algorithm shortened the time required to identify the need for a detailed examination of cervical cancer and increased the reliability of the results at a lower screening cost. When launched as an official medical device, it is expected to greatly contribute to the improvement of health prevention in developing countries such as Cambodia.

In Cambodia, due to the burden of cervical cancer screening and diagnosis, hospital visit rates are low, and the number of pathologists and cell screening specialists is insufficient.

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An advisory professor, Sang-Cheol Yoon, an international health and ophthalmologist at Yonsei Medical Center, said, “In the case of cervical cancer, it can be prevented by early checkups and vaccines. I think DoAI’s AI solution is an effective approach that can push the boundaries of international health.”

Through this development, DoAI can provide medical services of the same quality regardless of the size of medical facilities and the ability of medical staff, so primary medical institutions and health centers in island regions of developing countries can receive recommendations for cervical cancer scrutiny.  Depending on the results, technological advancement is also in progress, such as providing information by subdividing the severity of abnormal cells so that local medical staff can plan the retesting time and follow-up procedures.

The company has now completed the development of an automatic AI reading system that analyzes cervical cancer through a mobile application on images obtained by speculum cell slides, and has applied for three related patents in Korea, the United States and PCT.

“The AI solution for early diagnosis of cervical cancer can be read directly from a mobile device without the need to transmit the patient’s medical information to the outside using the edge computing technology. We are developing a product that can operate even in environments with poor Internet infrastructure.” said Hyun-Gyu Lee, head of the DoAI Research Center.

The solution developed by DoAI is expected to be launched in the ASEAN region, a market that lacks cell pathologists, and plans to expand its business through various cervical cancer screening campaign programs in cooperation with national agencies.

Reporter Jung Hyun Jeong

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